3D Diagnostix Announces Official Compatibility with CONELOG® Implants & Kit

Boston, MA (January, 2015) 3D Diagnostix, international leader in computer guided surgery solutions, is proud to announce official 3DDX Surgical Guide support for the new CONELOG® implant system and guided surgery kit.
The new guided surgery kit adds compatibility with 3.3 millimeter implants as well as more guided surgery options for 16 millimeter implants in both the CONELOG® and CAMLOG® implant systems.Among the improvements provided by the new kit are more improved guiding sleeves. The new guiding sleeves are only 3 millimeters high, a full millimeter shorter than the old ones. This creates a greater distance from the implant shoulder during implantation and allows for better control in areas where patients may have thicker soft tissue.
The new sleeves also utilize a T flange design instead of a round one at the top. This allows for even closer implant placement than the older system.
Improvements have also been made to the drills such as four-cutter drill geometry with chip breaker and larger labels and color coding for enhanced accessibility during surgery.

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3DDX Surgical Guides are made in Boston, Massachusetts utilizing state of the art manufacturing technology. They are available at affordable prices, starting at $200 and offer bone, tooth and mucosa support.
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About 3D Diagnostix, Inc.

3D Diagnostix started in 2005 out of current HQ in Boston, Massachusetts as one of the first Guided Surgery service providers.
Since then, 3DDX has expanded to provide turn-key Guided Surgery solutions such as Implant Treatment Planning, Surgical Guides, Radiology Reports and Implant Planning Software to dental professionals all over the world.



CAMLOG is a leading supplier of comprehensive systems and products for implant dentistry and restorative dentistry. Our implant systems are characterized by an ideal number of system components and easy and efficient handling properties. We have also remained true to these principles in the CONELOG® Implant System with the conical implant/abutment connection.
By communicating with and listening to the users of our products, we continuously improve. Our wide-ranging services are tailored to the needs of our customers and partners.


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