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Planmeca introduces new imaging mode to is 3D units

Planmeca has announced the introduction of a new imaging mode to its Planmeca ProMax® 3D X-ray units.
The new imaging mode is designed for scanning impressions and plaster casts. Impressions are automatically inverted to digital casts and instantly stored in the Planmeca Romexis® software in standard STL format. The patient’s digital cast and CBCT image can then be superimposed in Planmeca Romexis for further visualisation and planning.

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Carestream 9300C Select 3D Imaging System Receives Certification for Use with suresmile® Orthodontic Technology

Carestream dental has announced that their CS 9300C Select has recently joined "an elite group of advanced 3D imaging systems" certified by OraMetrix Inc. for use with its suresmile® technology.
This means orthodontists using the CS 9300C will now be able to benefit from theimproved treatment planning as well as unprecedented control over treatment that combining 3D scans with the suresmile software makes possible.

Read more for more information and the full press release.

Prexion Announces New PreXion3D Eclipse

A new scanner from Prexion has passed the FDA. The new Prexion3D Eclipse is described as:
"PreXion3D Eclipse has enhanced general versatility and its superb image quality derived from the original PreXion3D Elite to benefit you and your patients." PreXion has 15+ years of experience in the medical/dental area and has now introdcued the Eclipse. The PreXion3D Eclipse is an affordable true multi-modality scanner. It is designed for dental offices that seek to perform in-office surgical implant procedures, as well as use 3D imaging for diagnosis in general dentistry, periodontics, orthodontics, and endodontics, along with planning in oral-maxillofacial surgery. This small footprint 3D CBCT scanner reconstructs images to industry-standard DICOM format for compatibility with a variety of 3rd party surgical implant planning software packages."

Click here to visit the product page on Prexion's official website

New Revolutionary Green-CT Concept by Vatech

Vatech America has announced new, greener, CBCT technology.
The PaX-i3D Green from Vatech America is the latest addition to the company’s well-known PaX-i3D brand. According to the press release: It seeks to revolutionize the way CBCT are manufactured and regarded in the dental industry.
Some of the new highlights they announced are:

1. Ultra low radiation while providing superior image
2. Eco-friendly
3. FDA cleared for pediatric use.

Read more for more info and the full Press Release.

Innovative On-line Dental Trade Show and CE Company to Launch July 1st

XPsquared and xpAPce are two sister companies that are launching July 1st. Both companies provide unique services for the dental profession. XPsquared is an on-line, 365/24/7 dental environment that has all of the elements of a traditional trade show and more, including the ability to browse through corporate booths, download PDF's, watch training videos, contact sales reps, attend seminars, and meet in the networking cafe....all from the comfort of your office or home. xpAPce is an academically-vetted online dental CE company that will offer modular, procedurally focused courses that will improve patient outcomes, reduce risk, and enhance marketability. The companies were founded by two dental professionals who are proud to be bringing these innovative services to their fellow colleagues in the dental community. Stay tuned for more updates and in the meantime, learn more about these exciting new ventures by watching the video below:

The 6th International Congress on 3D Dental Imaging - April 27-28

Imaging Sciences International announced the first date of the 6th International Congress on 3D Dental Imaging April 27-28 to take place in Miami, Florida.

The 3D Dental Imaging Congress is a leading event on 3D Dentistry, featuring world-class speakers, networking with 3D users, and everything you need to know about 3D treatment in dentistry. For full details on speakers, topics, location and registration please click here.

3DDX Updates iPlan Package with the new iPad

3D Diagnostix, international leader in guided surgery solutions, has updated their iPlan package.
The new package now comes with the latest 3rd generation iPad and 3D glasses for an exhilarating experience.
Other new features include presenting your cases in resolutions above HDTV capability and 4G connections speeds for ultra-fast fine-tuning sessions.

Click Here For a Free Online Demo
Or call 1-866-834-7925 for more information.

Radiographic Interpretation for CBCT Seminar

e2 Oral & Maxillofacial Imaging Centers are hosting a seminar on CBCT Interpertation On May 11th in Miami.
From the marketing flyer:

"This course provides practical, usable techniques for optimum image acquisition and visualization strategies for the proper assessment of 3D data. The course covers the 3D anatomy fundamentals of the maxillofacial complex and adjacent areas. Participants will review maxillary and mandibular pathology, TMJ and airway assessment, and the most common upper neck findings."

There appears to be a discount for early registrants as well, so hurry up if you are interested.

More Information

Registration Page

Straumann takes 30% stake in Dental Wings

Implant manufacturer Straumann has acquired a minority stake of 30% in Dental Wings.
he move underscores Straumann's commitment to developing an open software standard for the dental industry, according to the company.

Headquartered in Montreal, Dental Wings specializes in software for design and manufacturing, in addition to developing and manufacturing 3D scanners. The company is privately owned and, as a result of the transaction, Straumann is now represented on its board of directors.

Straumann's interest in Dental Wings was signaled at the International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany, in March when the two companies announced a collaborative partnership with 3M ESPE to create an open standard software platform for use across a range of dental applications. 3M ESPE and Straumann also announced their intention to adopt Dental Wings Open System (DWOS) platform as the core operating software in their CAD/CAM systems.

"Dental professionals should no longer be locked into specific scanning or manufacturing systems, and we believe that a common platform will revolutionize the dental industry," Naoum Araj, president of Dental Wings, stated in a press release. "There is no doubt that digitalization will drive dentistry in the future, and our goal is to work with multiple partners to perfect an open platform that caters to the broadest range of needs."

Imaging Sciences launches Quick Scan for CBCT

Imaging Sciences International has launched Quick Scan, the lowest available dose 3D scan of the full dentition, according to PR.
With Quick Scan, the entire patient dentition can be imaged in 3D for only 27 µSv -- the lowest dose for the capture of both arches offered by any cone-beam CT (CBCT) system in dentistry, according to the company. This dose compares favorably to a typical digital panoramic scan of 24 µSv yet offers full 3D radiography of both arches that provides accurate and distortion-free views not available with 2D panoramic, the company noted.

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