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As a response to our past poll on the real relevance of CBCT in the dental field, some of our contributors seemed to have a hard time getting to introduce CBCT to a rather skeptical dental market:

"I am a radiographer working in Newcastle, Australia. I have had CT training and experience at major hospitals and now run my own xray practice. We have always had a large dental referral base as Newcastle is the 2nd largest city in NSW. When I approached many of the local dentists about conebeam machines they all liked the images and the information that could be provided but did not see the need to get one."

"I am a radiographer from Johannesburg, South Africa. I have specialised for many years in medical CT and MRI. I am currently working on the first CT conebeam scanner to come to South Africa.
The big buzz for radiologists and the equipment manufacturer's are certainly not dental related developments, they are focusing on things like fly-through colonoscopy's and heart/coronary artery imaging. Fact: Two new 64 slice scanners recently went into two of the biggest private radiological practices in Johannesburg. Guess what, no dental package was bought for either. I don't blame them. If radiologists are not buying dental packages, why should manufacturer's of helical CT's spend money to research and develop that which does not sell well?"
It has become apparent now that CBCT hasn't reach its well deserved place in the dental market. The Journal of Canadian Dental Association sums it up: "CBCT is capable of providing sub-millimetre resolution in images of high diagnostic quality, with short scanning times (10–70 seconds) and radiation dosages reportedly up to 15 times lower than those of conventional CT scans. Increasing availability of this technology provides the dental clinician with an imaging modality capable of providing a 3-dimensional representation of the maxillofacial skeleton with minimal distortion."


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