CBCT Users Survey Results part 1: A Bird's eye view

We received feedback from over 300 CBCT machine owners and will begin by giving a rough bird's eyes view of the CBCT machines ownership stats.

Part of the survey was focusing on the problems faced and the advantages of each of the CBCT machines available in the market. We tried to get the impressions of CBCT users by asking about the best and worst attributes of their own CBCT machines.
iCAT users agreed that iCAT is convenient, gives simple access to TMJ tomography by default, gives us tremendous information on airways and implant-planning information. Operation is simple enough for anyone to use. The 0.4 mm voxel standard scan is generally sufficient, the 0.3 mm voxel can be helpful in many cases.
They loved the fact that the scan is very quick that An average scan takes 9 seconds, 17 cm scan takes 15 seconds. Scan for a secondary scan, such as an open TMJ takes only 5 seconds as well as the small footprint enabling it to fit all office spaces and the ability to use with separate planning programs and sharing the images with other doctors.
Moreover, iCAT users commented that their CBCT is easy to set up different sized people correctly and they liked having the option of having different resolutions and scan times but most of all they all agreed that they know they will get a good image every time in what some of them referred to as " Incredible imaging!".
In addition, iCAt users didn't have a lot to complain about. Being small in size the users suffered when using the machine with tall or big people and even though it's wheelchair accessible, they’ve never been able to take a scan with someone in a wheelchair because most of the wheelchairs have a head rest that's too high and can't be removed, or the chair is too wide. However many of the users complained about the iCAT Vision software saying it wasn't "as user friendly as could be" and less than stable.
Some of the iCAT users commented that Software upgrade move the gantry when resolution or scan times are changed and complained from difficulty simultaneously viewing both hard and soft tissue details for traditional ceph analysis.
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Users of the Hitachi CBCT liked the speed of their machine as well as both low (2mA) and high (15 mA) settings and having a quick preview.
The Sirona Galileos CBCT had a reputation of being easy to use with friendly viewing software and small foot print producing great image quality with virtually no scatter.
Sirona and Prexion users also had occasional malfunctions and experienced difficulty with large patients.
Prexion users loved their CBCT machine for having small size, high scan speed and good resolution and Image quality.
The Planmeca seemed to gain its audience due to its simplicity of use and the image volumes size being a great plus since it limits responsibility for interpretation.
Also small foot print and the ability to take plain images are great qualities.
On the other hand, Planmeca users commented on calibration issues and limited image volumes provided by their machine.

The Picasso Trio which has gained a relatively well market share in a small period of time seemed to have the advantage of the ability to perform a true OPG, Lat Ceph. and the Volumetric Scan all in one machine as well as printing on x-ray film, CDs and email for other practitioners.
The Picasso users didn't have any complaints about their machine performance but some of them rather commented on the communication between the Korean sales and service team and the distributors.
The Newtom Audience applauded their machine's variable FOV and reporting system. The Ease of use of machine and software as well as Superior images with high clarity, resolution and reduced scatter were also an attractive point for "Newtomers".
Newtom CBCT Owners had some calibration and maintenance issues as well as the "usual" software glitches from time to time. Some of our respondents were not very fond of the image quality and the relatively long scan time.
But the unique advantage for the Newtom was that it enables less patient movement due to supine position and being approved for mobile use.
Kodak and Iluma CBCT users liked the resolution, fast time scans, patient comfort that their machine gives them. They also did not specify exact disadvantages of the machine but just mentioned that they suffered from "Some errors".

Market Research conducted by Conebeam.com
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