Green Innovation in IDS 2015...

VATECH Global Co., Ltd. (CEO: Mr. Soo Keun Park / is a global distribution and maintenance company for dental imaging systems. It is an affiliate company of VATECH Co., Ltd., a global dental imaging system manufacturer. Vatech Global has 12 overseas subsidiaries and has established itself as a leading brand in Taiwan, China, Spain, and the U.S. Markets. From entry-level 2D products to premium 3D CT, VATECH Global targets not only the existing advanced markets but also focuses on newly emerging markets.VATECH continuously develops technology to provide products which are beneficial for both human health and the environment, and has named this Green Innovation. Through Green Innovation, Vatech has developed a sustainable manufacturing process to reduce waste and pollution. Guided by its “People-focused growth” philosophy, VATECH strives to design and manufacture equipment that is “Low Dose and Low Radiation”, a previously unthinkable, revolutionary new concept. VATECH rose to the challenge and eventually developed the PaX-i3D Green, which was introduced in the US Market in 2013.
With the launch of the PaX-i3D Green, the Green CT® brand was created and became synonymous with premium image quality at ultra-low dosage of radiation. Vatech continues to develop new Green CT® and low dose products while maintaining its history of Green innovation.


 Supports the whole oral surgery process.

 Intuitive navigation with the introduction of the [3D PAN] tab

 Enables Lingual-side diagnosis using “Volume Panorama”

 Supports effective and exact checking of a lesion’s location in endodontic treatment

 One-Click for Region Of Interest Diagnosis

 1 sec. for cross-sectional images

 No need for complicated training courses

 Implant Simulation with 3D Pan

 Easy multi-implant simulation

 Insertion of implant based on a restoration

 Various modes for exact bone density

EzSensor Soft

 Intraoral sensor with Bendable & Soft exterior

 14.8µm pixels, the smallest in this industry

 A solution to problems caused by traditional Rigid sensors ((Positioning, Comfort, Diagnosable


 For Pain Relief, Easy Positioning, Accurate Diagnosis, and Damage Reduction.

 Easy positioning for mandibular canine imaging

 Minimized cropped root on the image for easy consultation

 Minimized image distortion with isometric imaging.

 Easy diagnosis of interproximal caries


 Intraoral sensor Disinfection & Packaging device

 Minimizes the possibility of infection

 Minimizes sanitation anxiety

 UV Light Disinfection (99% of Mutans)

 Automatic Double Wrapping (sensor wrap + storage wrap)

To know more about these products, visit the VATECH Global booth at the upcoming International

Dental show (IDS 2015) in Cologne, Germany on the 10th to 14th of March 2015.

Hall 4.1, Stand F090/D090