Vatech America, Inc. Advances Tri-State Dental Supply to Platinum Dealer

Vatech America has announced that Tri- State Dental is now authorized to sell Vatech America’s full line of 3D dental imaging systems.

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Planmeca introduces Planmeca ProMax 3D ProFace

CBCT manufacturer Planmeca has introduced Planmeca ProMax 3D ProFace – a unique CBVT imaging unit with integrated 3D face scan system.

"This true 3D application is designed to fulfil the most diverse diagnostic needs of today’s maxillofacial and dental professionals. The Planmeca ProMax 3D ProFace unit acquires patient’s facial 3D photo in a radiation-free process giving the medical or dental professional opportunity to plan operations and document the follow-up images."

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Radiation exposure getting more exposure as researchers and health care providers give increased attention to potential cancer r

A recent article in the New York Times casts some negative light on the use of Cone Beam Visual Therapy imaging machines that are becoming popular among dentists. The machines use radiation to create an image that dentists use to diagnose oral health disease and this use of radiation adds to a patient’s radiation exposure that is burgeoning due to an increase in medical imaging tests such as x-rays and computed tomography scans.

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Article by: Planmeca USA

Vatech America Unveils New Product: PaX-Flex – 2D/3D Upgradable Imaging System

Vatech America has announced that it has received FDA approval for the highly anticipated PaX-Flex and will begin selling the product through authorized dealers.

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ImageWorks [OTC.IWKS.PK]) has announced the appointment of Kevin Dillon as Director of Dental Sales for its Midwest Region. Dillon, a veteran of the Dental Imaging marketplace, brings a strong trackrecord of sales growth with Henry Schein and Danaher selling digital dental imaging products, including ConeBeam CT imaging systems.

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J.Morita has announced a new cone beam (or 3D) X-ray unit. Highly refined, the 3D Accuitomo 170 is the 4th generation of the Accuitomo product line. Recent updates in image acquisition have further enhanced clarity of image, yet this unit also offers a dramatic reduction in dosage. The i-Dixel 2.0 3D imaging software release includes a range of feature enhancements and improvements including an intuitive, new user interface.

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Dent‐X Announces EVAsoft Imaging Software Version 2.0

Dent‐X has announced version 2.0 of EVAsoft, its proprietary dental imaging software. EVAsoft, developed in‐house by Dent‐X engineers with input from dental thought‐leaders, functions as the driving software behind the popular EVA Digital X‐Ray sensor.

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Vatech America Selects 1st Vatech Challenge Winner, Next Round Under Way

Vatech America has announced its 1st Vatech Challenge winner, Dr. Bret Dyer. The purpose of the Vatech Challenge is to challenge dental professionals’ decision making process when it comes to integrating digital radiography into the modern dental office.

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NewTom VGi Adds Variable FOV Feature

The NewTom VGi, range of Cone Beam 3D scanners, has added a new feature, making it the first 3D scanner unit to capture both high resolution images and large volume functionality in a single machine. The new collimation will allow the NewTom VGi to obtain resolutions down to a .075mm voxel, or give the operator the ability to acquire a large 15cm x15cm field of view (FOV) scan when needed.

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J.Morita, major imaging technology manufacturer, announced a major reduction in X-ray dosage of its cone beam (or 3D) X-ray units. Morita’s 3D product lines now come automatically equipped with a Dose Reduction Feature that lowers dosage from 30% to 40% on all three-dimensional fields of view. Additionally, the Dose Reduction Feature does not diminish clarity of image, and in fact, enhances the display of soft tissue.

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