Materialise Dental launches the Dual Scan Package

The Dual Scan Package consists of the Dual Scan Module and a number of sample products to prepare patients for swift aesthetic and prosthetic driven computer guided surgery. The main goal is to offer SimPlant® users an integrated solution for prosthetic driven planning, to be completed in-house and in just one visit.

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Planmeca Releases Guidance Videos

Planmeca has released user guide videos on Planmeca ProMax 3D concept’s products. The videos guide to using the imaging devices, with an emphasis on demonstrating the ease of use of the X-ray units.
Currently available videos demonstrate patient positioning. Additional videos will be published later this spring, also including other themes.

View videos here.

CCDL Special Offer - iDent Guided Surgery

California Complete Dental Laboratories (CCDL), of Santa Clarita, CA, an iDent distribution partner, is offering dentists an easy way to adopt iDent Scan2Guide software and iGuide surgical guides. CCDL is offering a program that allows dentists who finance their purchase of iDents Scan2Guide and iGuide package to have their monthly finance payments fully paid by CCDL with a minimum amount of prosthetic work from the lab. To be eligible, customers must sign up by the end of August, 2010,

Click here for more information on CCDL`s special iDent offer, or visit the CCDL website

Blue Sky Bio Releases Universal Kit for Computer Guided Surgery

Blue Sky Bio, manufacturer of dental implants and and accessories have released their very own computer guided surgical kit compatible with all implant systems.
The universal kit is available for purchase online now. Product description as follows:

  • One kit for any implant surgery: Includes drills of various lengths and diameters. Parts may be purchased individually.
  • Easy to use: No need to set a stopper. The drill depths are pre-configured for an easy, hassle-free, color coded drilling sequence.
  • Complete kit includes 3 anchor pins.
  • Products, warranty and service provided by

Visit Blue Sky Bio's Official Site

Materialise prints the ONLY replica of King Tut's Mummy!

From the press release:
Materialise is well known in the industry as a leader for Additive Manufacturing solutions. When a replica of King Tut's mummy needed to be built in an expedited fashion, who else but Materialise for the job! New York City is the last stop on the exhibit's U.S. tour and National Geographic, along with Arts and Exhibitions, wanted to add a new and exciting component. They decided that having a replica of King Tut would be just the thing to make the Discovery Times Square Exposition unique. They commissioned Gary Staab, natural history and prehistoric model maker, of Staab Studios to recreate the mummy. All he needed was Materialise to get him started.

Watch the video here

New Featured Product: PC-1000 Panoramic Xray Machine

A new item has been added to our featured product section.
You can view and request information here!

Interview: 3D Diagnostix VP Talks New Guide Service

About 10 days ago we received a very intriguing email from one of our partners, 3D Diagnostix. Normally it would be either a press release or a case study contribution but this one was different. It was a teaser. The image of closed red curtains and a clue to what might be behind. If you could guess what's behind, they dared us, then you could win one. The giveaway was to celebrate the launch of a new service the company was starting and announced in a later email. According to the announcement, if you are a computer guided software user you could send over one of your treatment plans and get a free review and a surgical guide at a fixed discounted rate. To shed more light on the matter we approached Mr. Karim Galil, the Sales VP of 3D Diagnostix,Inc. for an exclusive interview and he agreed to answer our questions.
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CBCT beats periapicals for root canal analysis published:
Cone-beam CT (CBCT) scans are significantly more efficient than periapical radiographs in determining the mesiobuccal root canal anatomy of maxillary molars, according to a study to be presented at the International Association for Dental Research meeting in July in Barcelona, Spain.

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J.MORITA Launches 3D Accuitomo 170

Accuitomo 170
The 3D Accuitomo 170 offers a minute voxel size of just 80µm (micrometer). This super-fine voxel combined with the unit's 14 bit grayscale capability displays an amazing level of clarity never before seen in the world of 3D-CT imaging.

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Sirona launches a new database for GALILEOS Implant

At the beginning of March Sirona launched a modified database for its proven GALILEOS Implant software. A key feature of the new database is the realistic visualization of Nobel Biocare implants. A total of 228 Nobel Biocare models have been included.
In addition, the implant data of seven other manufacturers has been updated.

Alongside Nobel Biocare, a further 12 implant manufacturers have been integrated into the database for the first time.
The GALILEOS Implant database now embraces 42 manufacturers and 3,860 realistically visualized implant models. This facilitates fast and convenient implant planning.

GALILEOS users can download the database (size: 392 MB) free of charge from

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