Dental Wellness Trust calls for volunteers

Cape Town is surrounded by crowded townships in which more than one million people live in poverty, many of whom also suffer from very poor oral health. The Dental Wellness Trust, a London-based registered charity that promotes dental wellness in less fortunate communities in the UK and abroad through innovative oral health education programmes, has initiated an ongoing programme that involves instructing teachers to educate children about good nutrition and handwashing, and implementing a supervised toothbrushing programme in schools.

The Dental Wellness Trust is now inviting IADR delegates to see its work first hand in the township of Khayelitsha, just 20 minutes from Cape Town, and to volunteer.

The group will be led by IADR members Drs Linda Greenwall and Alon Livny, who lead the Dental Wellness Trust project team in Khayelitsha. Over the course of one morning, volunteers will visit a selection of schools in the township. They will have the opportunity to observe the supervised toothbrushing programme and perform procedures in mobile dental clinics.

Additionally, participants will be able to discuss the project with representatives from the Dental Wellness Trust and leaders of local non-governmental organisations.

Those interested in attending without getting involved clinically only need only to register online. Those who are interested in clinical volunteering too—depending on local regulations—need to register online and a nominal fee may apply. The exact terms and requirements are currently being negotiated, which will be explained later in detail for interested volunteers.

More information can be found on the organisation’s website or requested at