scientific data supporting regenerate enamel science

DUBAI, UAE: New data presented at IADR Cape Town on 26th June, now published in the Journal of Dentistry, demonstrate the efficacy of Unilever’s regenerate enamel science, the newly launched dental care system proven to help reverse the early and invisible stages of the enamel erosion process.

Unilever unveils scientific data supporting REGENERATE Enamel Science, the new dental care system proven to reverse the enamel erosion process: Unique NR-5 Technology Provides Clinically Proven Superior, Enamel Re-Hardening Compared With Fluoride-Only Toothpaste

REGENERATE Enamel Science is the first and only system proven to form hydroxyapatite, with identical composition to underlying enamel mineral (2). The dental care system, with its unique internationally patented * NR-5 technology, helps recover 82% of enamel hardness after three days of use (3)**. A new in situ study shows that the novel technology in REGENERATE Enamel Science is effective in the mouth and is able to re-harden enamel significantly better than fluoride-only toothpaste

Inspired by research on bone repair technology, Unilever Oral Care scientists carried out both in vitro and in situ studies, which proved that calcium silicate can deposit onto sound and eroded enamel (2). Upon this discovery, the novel NR-5 technology was developed to augment the natural mineralization processes of human saliva by providing a combination of calcium silicate and sodium phosphate, which help to form a fresh supply of hydroxyapatite that wraps and integrates onto teeth (2).

Professor Nicola West, Honorary Consultant in Restorative Dentistry (University of Bristol UK), who was involved in the in vitro research on REGENERATE Enamel Science system, says:

“Erosive tooth wear by dietary acids is a real dental health issue and a growing problem. Patients are concerned about their tooth wear, which often results in sensitive teeth. Dentists and patients find erosive tooth wear hard to manage and treatment solutions for it are limited. We now have new proven scientific evidence, published in high impact dental journals, showing that NR-5 technology works to remineralise the tooth, and this solution to tooth wear is fast acting and easy to use.”

Speaking about the technology that has been developed through over 9 years of research, Unilever’s oral care researcher who led the team, Fred Schäfer says:

“The innovative mechanism of action of the calcium silicate and sodium phosphate in this novel dental care system provides enamel re-hardening that is significantly greater than with fluoride-only toothpaste. This new approach has been proven to help restore acid-challenged enamel.”

The REGENERATE Enamel Science system consists of an Advanced Toothpaste for daily brushing and a Boosting Serum (with two custom-fit mouth trays) for application at home, monthly for 3 consecutive days. When used in combination with the daily Advanced Toothpaste, the Boosting Serum increases the Advanced Toothpaste effectiveness by 43% (4)+, enhancing the power of enamel regeneration.

The scientific studies have been published in the June 2014 supplement of the Journal of Dentistry. A link to these studies can be found on the REGENERATE Enamel Science website:

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- REGENERATE Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste, AED 60
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* Patents granted and pending
** Based on an in vitro test measuring enamel hardness after 3 days, combined use of toothpaste and serum.
+ As demonstrated in a 3 day in-vitro test measuring enamel hardness: combined use of REGENERATE Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste and Boosting Serum vs Advanced Toothpaste only.